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May 11, 2021

Gold in the mind, and gold in the heart, brings gold in the hands.
This is the key to Alchemy.
Alchemy is a somewhat mystical and often esoteric term.
Let me briefly demystify and bring it into the realm of practical application for the leader and entrepreneur.
For some of the greatest alchemist of all times were da Vinci, Tesla, Jobs, Branson, Musk and Gates.
In fact, Bill Gates purchased Leonardo da Vinci's "Codex Leicester" in 1994 for $31M dollars! It's the most expensive book ever sold in history.
It's written in code and metaphor; and it's a book on Alchemy.
So if you think this has no practicality or application to leadership and business, just scroll on by. But tell that to Bill Gates.
Gold in alchemy represents the highest level of development and conscious awareness. It's an awareness of who and what you are at the ABSOLUTE level of existence. FAR beyond the often petty and mundane affairs of socialized mind...